A Special Expedition To The Natural Beauty

This special natural beauty is located in the state of Uttaranchal and is quite comfortable to reach from any parts of the country through rail, road and even through air. This is called the camp high 5 jayalgarh, which is a reservoir of the nature beauty with the most adorable flora and fauna. It has the best view and experience of camping at the base of the 5 rivers called Ganga, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Pindar and Mandakini. And the significance of these rivers is that they are associated with the historical stories and epics of Indian culture and even are the great Himalayan Rivers. This place is prominent to Dev prayag which is a holy city.

Specificity of this place:-

This is a perfect place to enjoy the nature’s beauty with the adventures that come up as an extra package. There are rivers in which you can do rafting and even you can climb the hills by the rock climbing and rappelling. The beauty of short, scenic hikes and that of the isolated glades that are full of exotic birds and butterflies is the extravaganza of this location. In this camp there are tents that will make you feel the nature very close to your heart and soul.

These tents are quite spacious with independent bathroom and washrooms with running water that will offer you with all the creature comfort of being homely. It is the best outdoor camping experience with the admits of the natural flora and fauna. There are varieties of animals and birds with their habitats have been seen near to these camps and in the night time the scenery will make you feel the heavenly pleasure.

Accommodation and facilities provided by the jayalgarh camps:-

In this camp that is called the camp high 5 jayalgarh, is facilitated with good food that is with the hot multi cuisine meals and apart from that they are provided with tea and coffee when ever required. There are large relaxing areas by the river side with magnificent views and even these camps provide with a well laid out of dining area with a conference or discussion area that is facing the river. At the night time you can enjoy the bonfire and the barbecue and the most important thing is there are 24 x 7 supplies in electricity at this place.

At these places there can be an enjoyment with the nature’s beauty through various adventures like that of river rafting, hiking, rappelling, biking, cliff jumping, body surfing and kayaking. Jayalgarh camp is truly an adventure for every age group. Especially the nature lovers. It’s an abode of nature’s indescribable beauty that is quite exciting to enjoy and create an unforgettable expenditure.